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Monkey and Me's menu incorporates both traditional and classical favourites with original and new dishes that deliver mouth watering food straight to your door. Monkey and Me gives you an authentic selection of Thai. Our menu has something for everyone, from the warm starters to cold desserts. We invite you to browse our site and discover your new favourite dish.

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114 Crawford Street
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Favourite Dishes


thai spicy papaya salad, tossed with carrot, chillies, garlic and seasoning


spicy minced pork salad, tossed with ground rice, ground chilli, mint and seasoning


spicy minced chicken salad, tossed with ground rice, ground chilli, mint and seasoning


thai style grilled chicken salad, tossed with ground chilli, ground rice, mint and seasoning


grilled pork loin salad, tossed with chilli, vegetables and seasoning


spicy glass noodle salad with prawns, tossed with chilli, vegetables and seasoning

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767 reviews


  • Not a good Thai


  • very tasty and high quality, could be a bit spicier (both flavour and chili)


  • I've been ordering from Monkey and Me for quite sometime now. This time the pad thai was oily and watery. Truly not good. The rice was below usual quality as well. Maybe an new chef? Thanks


  • Delicious as always. Monkey & Me is a firm favourite at our house!


  • Tale of two meals. Appetizer - Excellent Soup - Excellent Side Dish - Excellent Main Dish - Awful. Ordered Spring rolls, Tom Kha Soup, Coconut soup, and Sou Rung Hai. Sou Rung Hai is a sliced beef dish. I ordered beef to be cooked medium which by most definitions is seared outside, pink showing. Arrived as rare to medium rare. The only piece I was brave enough to try tasted good. So overall was disappointed. So am giving a fair rating because of main dish. I do think I will try again but next time order any beef dish well done.


  • Brought the wrong menu. Ordered a fried rice but got Pad Thai


  • Meal generally was good, just very dissapointed in the crispy wonton in the starter platter. A wonton should have some kind of filling, but this one was just fried pastry.


  • ordered the thai side of the menu.... green curry was super thick and tasted like onion while spring rolls were completely tasteless. I threw it all in the bin.


  • Lovely food arrived within the estimated time, on a Friday night I may add, I shall be coming back! Thank you for great service!


  • Took too long. Food was awful and cold


  • Some of the best Thai food I have tasted in a long time! Only wish that portions were larger. Or perhaps best to order when not super duper hungry. ;) All in all, I will definitely be ordering from here again.


  • Great food, properly made not. This all tasted like it was made properly, no short cuts. Loved it.


  • Aside from the stale seawater taste of the prawns, the food lacked flavour and half of the ingredients promised and looked like it had been sitting around all day. We ordered very straightforward Thai classics and were left disappointed, ripped off and with a lingering ill feeling. If I could leave 0 stars I would.


  • Delivery awesome. Beef salad simply amazing, one of the best things I've ever had in a take away. Pad Thai brilliant. Meal let down by green curry. Not much meat or veg, more soup


  • Slightly cold. Delivery time was very long considering the short distance of the delivery!